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About School District: Phoenix Charter Academy's mission is to close the achievement gap that exists between academically underperforming adolescents who are in Chelsea and surrounding cities' district schools and their academically successful peers. Partnering rigorous academic work with relentless support for 14-22 year-old students, Phoenix Charter Academy provides students with the tools necessary to achieve high school graduation and college success. Phoenix Charter Academy was named after the mythological bird, the PHOENIX, a creature of great strength and self-healing power. At PCA, we value this ability. Like the Phoenix, many of our students have experienced life's thoughest obstacles and yet still have the innate ability and strength to re-evaluate their lives and create a new plan for success. We believe in the re-evaluate their lives and regain control of their academic futures and recast themselves as strong, independent, and self-sufficient adults. PCA was founded on the premise all students can succeed, regardless of their past academic history, personal mistakes or family challenges. We believe that when high expectations for academic success are partnered with a strong and structured support system, students who were previously not achieving can exceed on the MCAS, graduate from high school and continue to college.
Contact Phone: 6178893100
Contact Address: 59 NICHOLS ST, CHELSEA MA 02150
Grade Level: 9th Grade to 12th Grade
Total Schools: 1
Total Students: 193
Total Staffs: 70
FTE Teacher: 17
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