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About School District: Mission & Philosophy-The overall mission of Charyl Stockwell Academy is to provide a safe, enriching place for children to grow through adolescence, while providing those children with specific learning activities that allow each of them to meet and exceed the academic standards set by the State and Federal governments.CSA uses a unique continuous progress system that allows students to move at their own pace and requires all students to master essential components of the curriculum. Students are grouped in multi-age learning families that are team taught by two teachers. The learning families are organized into units that cover two to three years of traditional elementary or middle school curriculum. Three times a year students may accelerate to the next unit if they have completed all learning objectives for their assigned unit.CSA provides specialized programs that are embedded in the regular classroom to serve students who are academically gifted and those who have special learning challenges. CSA provides an Academically Gifted Specialist to assess students academic gifts and to consult with teachers and parents of individual students. A Gifted Extension Specialist works with teachers to modify the curriculum for students with academic gifts and provides special resources to allow advanced learning objectives to be taught. A Teacher Support Team screens all students to identify those who are at risk of learning failure. Intensive intervention provided by specially trained instructional aids is provided early in the school program to prevent failure and teachers trained in special education provide individual support to students already experiencing failure.CSA believes that meeting the basic human, growth and development needs of each child will increase achievement and prepare the child for adult life. To teach appropriate student behavior, the school uses a comprehensive, non coercive, character education program, which is integrated into the curriculum, and guides all rules, procedures, and discipline. The Smart Character Choices program is based on the work of Dr. William Glasser and the school has been recognized by the Glasser Institute as a Quality School
Contact Phone: 8106322200
Contact Address: 9758 EAST HIGHLAND RD, HOWELL MI 48843
Grade Level: Kindergarten to 12th Grade
Total Schools: 2
Total Students: 1054
Total Staffs: 98
FTE Teacher: 55
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