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About School District: The purpose of education in Humboldt County Schools is to provide useful and meaningful experiences to all children. It is the goal of the schools to prepare the student to meet the ever-changing demands of modern day society.Each child deserves the opportunity to develop and excel to his maximum potential. It is the duty of the schools to provide the materials, equipment and instruction of such quality and diversity as to assure each child's attainment of his maximum potential, providing the pupil is willing to put forth the needed effort.Education in Humboldt County Schools should meet the specific needs of the entire community in relation to the economic and cultural environment. The school system should never lag behind in the application of new concepts, experimental studies and changing methods of instruction. The purpose of the school is to facilitate goals basic to better teaching and learning. Programs instituted in the schools are aimed at reaching these goals.Humboldt County Schools should strive to provide the means necessary to insure the development of children into the best possible citizens of the community, state and nation.
Contact Phone: 7756238100
Contact Address: 310 EAST FOURTH ST, WINNEMUCCA NV 89445
Grade Level: Prekindergarten to 12th Grade
Total Schools: 14
Total Students: 3517
Total Staffs: 220
FTE Teacher: 200
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Schools in Humboldt County School District: