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About School District: DISTRICT’S MISSION STATEMENT-Each student has an inalienable right to be offered the best education we are capable of providing our junior high and senior high students. The Delsea Regional High School philosophy of education is based on the concept of a Atotal@ and Aequal@ education for each student and is achieved through a balanced curriculum in both scope and sequence. The school’s responsibility for instruction and learning has advanced to greater areas than ever before. We do not consider intellectual development as the limited priority of education, but rather, refer to total education as encompassing those phases of personal development and formations characterized as social, moral, physical, personal, emotional and intellectual growths. We believe in the interrelation of all growth processes in one’s total education and that each individual continually adjusts to his role in society through participation in various group activities in the total school organization. It is our expectation that all students achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) at all grade levels.Equal education refers to comparable opportunities for each student to obtain the highest quality of education we can offer through a well-balanced sequential, comprehensive and correlated program of studies. For example, it is our belief that a student’s educational process in vocational preparation and competency is equivalent in importance to the college program of studies. Therefore, all our didactic processes are commensurate in the quality of content, instructional processes and opportunities provided to each student. We further recognize that many non-academic students are interested in pursuing, for personal enrichment, various college preparatory courses. In order to allow for these opportunities, flexibility, in that a student is not rigidly committed to a single tract of studies, is provided.We recognize that all students differ in their learning and behavioral characteristics. We are constantly aware that each student is all separate individual and therefore not expected to react identically toward all situations.We are committed to helping every student reach his individual potential capabilities and goals, and in so doing, provide a stimulating physical and social environment which is designed to activate the appetite for learning and motivate the potential drop-out to remain in school. Therefore, our education process is to develop maximum efficiency with which each student achieves to his own ability through the planned modification of behaviors and growths in a positive direction.It is also our belief that education must be flexible and oriented toward the future and that we must attempt to insure the fulfillment of the student’s educational, and/or vocational aspirations and their correlated growth characteristics.Our educational process shall continually be improved, expanded and evaluated to meet the demands of the times. We must provide a physical and social environment which discovers, develops, and nurtures human talents, self-direction, self-confidence and critical thinking.
Contact Phone: 8566940100
Contact Address: 242 FRIES MILL RD, FRANKLINVILLE NJ 08322
Grade Level: 7th Grade to 12th Grade
Total Schools: 2
Total Students: 1774
Total Staffs: 336
FTE Teacher: 126
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