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About School District: We are Natrona County's only public school district, serving the education needs about 11,500 students in preschool through 12th grade in the city of Casper, as well as the surrounding towns of Alcova, Bar Nunn, Edgerton, Evansville, Mills, Midwest, and Powder River. We have been blessed by the state of Wyoming's commitment to education, which is supported by its allocation of nearly $1.5 billion to K-12 education. Our state helps fund tutors, instructional facilitators, summer school, and extended day programs for our students, and it provides a unique capital construction program that allows all districts in Wyoming to maintain excellent facilities for learning and teaching. In NCSD, we are committed to providing optimum learning opportunities for every child. We are an open enrollment district, meaning that parents can choose from any of our 34 schools for their children, regardless of where in the county they reside. We believe that families know their children best, and we know that no single learning environment will meet the needs of every child. We offer a wide variety of programs for our students. In elementary school, that means different teaching styles, activities, and academic programs. In middle and high school, students may find one-to-one computing, college-prep and college-credit courses, and career and technical education, as well as a wide range of sports and cocurricular activities. We also have a number of alternative programs to support students who have struggled in a traditional environment or who want to re-enter the educational system after dropping out.
Contact Phone: 3072535200
Contact Address: 970 NORTH GLENN RD, CASPER WY 82601
Grade Level: Prekindergarten to 12th Grade
Total Schools: 35
Total Students: 13116
Total Staffs: 2161
FTE Teacher: 919
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Schools in Natrona County School District #1: