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About School District: What is a Charter School? Charter Schools are autonomous public schools, which receive the same funding from the same sources as other public schools. Charter schools are not private schools. Charter schools do not charge tuition. Charter schools are operated by teachers, parents and community groups, and are able to make site based decisions concerning their curriculum, structure and emphasis. Charter schools are non-sectarian, non religious and do not discriminate in their admissions policies. Who can enroll in a Charter School? Any student in the Kansas City Missouri School District may attend Académie Lafayette. Charter Schools are choice schools, which means that parents and students choose which school they would like to attend and are limited only by space availability. How much does it cost? As a public school, there is no cost for residents in the Kansas City, Missouri school district. Are Charter Schools subject to state and federal laws? A Charter School is subject to all federal and state laws and constitutional provisions prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion and ancestry. Académie Lafayette has spelled out this nondiscrimination policy in its Charter Application. What are the advantages of a Charter School? Charter Schools are operated by teachers, parents and community groups and are able to make site-based decisions concerning their curriculum structure and emphasis. Because they do not have large administrative organizations, charter schools are able to, and can be held accountable, for the achievement of their students.
Contact Phone: 8163617735
Contact Address: 6903 OAK ST, KANSAS CITY MO 64113
Grade Level: Kindergarten to 8th Grade
Total Schools: 1
Total Students: 830
Total Staffs: 82
FTE Teacher: 58
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